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Realtime Data Glitching Software
Retail Poisoning
Glitch Art

Corrupt.desktop glitches, in real time, the computer’s desktop image. So if you want to glitch your local Apple Store or Apple Retailer simply download the App (from the shop’s computer):

DOWNLOAD Corrupt.desktop [don't forget to film it!] →, and Corrupt.desktop use the same algorithm, which results of a binary alteration of the original data. So technically Corrupt damages the data on a binary level, which result in unpredictable and beautiful results.

A project by Martial Geoffre-Rouland and Benjamin Gaulon, based on Corrupt a web based Glitch Art Software allowing its user to upload and share corrupted images on

* Retail Poisoning is the act of intentionally injecting: critical / corrupt / fake / glitched data and/or hardware, in existing online and offline retail outlets.

This project is made with the openFrameworks library.
Fork it on github.
It uses the very cool ofxGifEncoder addon from Jesus Gollonet.

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