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Single-channel video

Corrupt.online was a web based Glitch Art Software allowing its user to upload and share corrupted images on www.corrupt.recyclism.com

This single-channel video is the collection of uploaded images on Corrupt.online since 2005. The video of 1:11:45 minutes includes 107,175 corrupted images uploaded by thousands of different people from 2005 to 2011. Each image uploaded and corrupted at corrupt.recyclism.com is unique - an individual story. However, once those 107,175 corrupted images are combined what emerges is a story, in a way, of the entire internet. This video was made with the Corruptimator by Brian Solon.

Corruptimator is a bunch of Bash shell scripts loosely cobbled together in an attempt to simplify and automate the process of assembling a movie from five years’ worth of images generated by corrupt.online. Get the source code here