De Pong Game

Adobe Flash
Video Projector
Game Controller
Urban Hacking

De Pong Game recycles the famous game PONG [Atari 1975-1977]. This new version has been built with Flash [Action Script] by Arjan Westerdiep for Recyclism.

This project explores the concept of Augmented Reality by interacting with architectural elements, which are used as features for the game. The game is projected on the face of a building; the features of that building become the limits of the game area. The ball projected on the building bounces along the limits of the walls, and the windows and other features are programmed in as obstacles. When the ball is touched with the slider, its speed increases; as the ball bounces off all the architectural obstacles, it becomes increasingly difficult to play.

The first version of de Pong Game was created and tested in the streets of Groningen in 2003.