Kindle Glitcher


Since 2012 (commissioned)
Online e-pub corruption tool
Web based
Glitch Art

Corrupt.epub is an online data corruption software allowing users to load and glitch electronic books (epub format aka electronic publication). Following the project KindleGlitched [Hardware Glitch], KindleGlitcher corrupts electronic publications on a software level [Data Bending].

Kindleglitcher allowed users to upload and corrupt an EPUB file (Max 2Mbyte. The last 3 uploaded books were available for download on the project page.

This project was commissioned by Jeu De Paume for the online exhibition "Erreur d'impression. Publier à l'ère du numérique" at Le jeu de Paume (Paris) 2012, curated by Alessandro Ludovico.

Corrupt.epub is part of the Corrupt projects series (see also corrupt.processing,,, and corrupt.desktop).

Corrupt.epub by Recyclism is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. 

Implementation by Lourens Rozema.

Benjamin Gaulon often engages his practice with the metaphorical and aesthetic malfunction of technologies, either accidental or deliberate. Although this part of his work has been ascribed to the realm of the so-called « glitch art » (visual art generated by software errors), he has gone beyond the usual software-only based strategies, involving custom hardware and symbolic acts.

Stemming from some of his previous works (including « » the voluntary deterioration of a personal digital movie and « KindleGlitched » a series of ultimately crashed Kindles), « KindleGlitcher » purposely partial damages e-books.

It’s an online tool allowing anybody to upload his own e-books and having then a shared visually damaged copy. The type of information, which is randomly (and not entirely) destroyed, is a specific one. It’s a « flowing » text, which can be changed in size anytime, and what is then destroyed is one of the content possible renderings (not really « universal » in its form as a printed page, but ultimately becoming similarly unchangeable).


Techo Arte News 2012  

Erreur d'impression. Publier à l'ère du numérique 2012
Curated by ALessandro Ludovico Le jeu de Paume Paris - France