Made to Break

Circuit Bent NES
DIY Sytnh + LDR
Misson Creep
Media Archaeology

To better appreciate our cultural environment, it is interesting and essential to explore the vast market of electronic devices and toys. Deconstructing readily-available, cheap electronic devices into interactive tools is more than a lot of fun; the process offers the same visible, hands-on learning and understanding acquired through dissection. By re-purposing second-hand hardware or cheap toys, a commercial, mass-produced product is transformed into a unique device, with potential for new and original means of expression or communication. The boundaries of a device are set by the manufacturer (planned obsolescence); those limits can be redefined by such creative recycling.

Made to Break is a Circuit Bended obsolete video game (Nes). This project corrupts images on an analogue level (voltage and shortcuts). The result is the generation of abstract images, with the possibility of interaction via a custom made interface. The video interface is combined with a home-made synthesizer, they work in a symbiotic relationship. A light sensor attached to the screen reads the pixel and generates sound waves depending on the light intensity.