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RES Mini

Recycling Entertainment System Mini

Hardware Hacking
NES Controller + Arduino + PureData
Media Archaeology

The RES Mini is based on the RES(2004). This portable version uses 3 Nintendo Entertainment System’s controllers. The controllers are converted to USB via an ArduinoBoard. The output of each controller is connected to a computer that runs the Resware, a Pure Data based software. Each controller is playing with a different sound bank, so players can mix like Dj’s and play as a group,like a band.

The Resware allows users to load their own sound libraries or to use the samples available with the software. The basic setup is the following:

[Controller 1] Drums
[Controller 2] Voices, Music Loops, Scratch...
[Controller 3] Voices, Music Loops, Scratch...

The Hardware Hack and Software are free and open source. You can download the Resware (PD patch) and the source code for Arduino. You can also download the RES Mini / RESWARE User manual. Note that you will need Pure Data to run and edit the Resware and the Arduino software to program your Arduino.

Feel free to update, modify and share the Resware and Arduino source code with as many people as possible, however make sure you follow the terms and conditions stated in the licence (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported).

Get the RES Arduino Library by Jerome Saint-Clair →